Course Report December 2016

Winter Course

Monthly Golf Course Report December 2016


Dear Members/guests,


November started off lovely for us with reasonably mild temperatures for the time of year and very little rain, however it has gradually got worse as the month went on with regular rain fall which has resulted in certain parts of the course getting quite wet. We will end the month with around 85mm of rainfall which is just about manageable in terms of getting around the site from our point of view.

It does mean that the usual places around 11, 12, 13 & 18 have become wet and soft so if we can all avoid these places as much as possible it will help us going into the winter period and reduce the amount of wear and tear.

Our attention has now turned to tee and bunker renovations. The aim this winter is to rebuild 9 bunkers on 15 & 16 and the 11th tee both the main tee and the ladies tee. On the bunkers we will be removing the old sand that has become contaminated, reshaping the banks, re-instate any old drain lines, if there are any, and replace with fresh sand. This is quite a labourious task as a lot of the finishing work needs to be by hand so it will be ongoing for a couple of months and of course the bunkers will be out of play during that time.

On the 11th tee we will be stripping the old turf off, adding some drain lines, putting some fresh root zone down and then laying some fresh turf on top. Again this will take time due to the nature of the work involved so once we have started, this hole will be played off the mat until the turf has knitted in properly and be brought back into play in spring when growth starts.

All the work mentioned above will take quite some time to complete as we will be doing it all in house so your patience while complete it will be appreciated.

Most of the leaves have now fallen with just some oak trees that have leaves left on, however, the cold snap that we are currently in should sort that out.

All that remains now is for me to wish all our members and guests a very happy Christmas and New Year.



Jon Evans……Course Manager.



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