Course Report January 2017

Dear Members/Guests,

Happy New Year to all our members and guests, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas period. December was a very productive month for us in terms of project work and we managed to finish all the shaping work and remove the old sand on the bunkers we have been renovating. They are now ready for root zone to be added prior to turfing so they should be completed by the end of the month, weather permitting.

Speaking of the weather, we had a pretty dry December with only 26mm rain and mild temperatures. Our yearly total for rainfall was 746mm or approx. 30 inches. This is around average for our part of the country.

Our wettest month being June with 151mm and our driest months were Oct & Dec with 26mm.

This highlights how the rain affects our work. During our wettest month the soil temperatures were high so the ground was able absorb the rain and use it for growth, if that much had come during winter we would be sitting very wet for most of that period as the ground cannot use it for growth due to low temperatures. On the other hand with very little rain over the autumn and winter so far the surfaces have been dry which allows golf to continue.

Our focus will now turn to completing the bunker work over January and start edging the remaining ones ready for spring. We will also be continuing with our tree management plan and removing/thinning out copses around the site to improve air flow, tree health and aesthetics.

Good luck for 2017 let’s hope it’s a prosperous one for all of us.

Jonathan Evans - Course Manager

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