Course Report June 2017

Dear Members/Guests,

After a slow start to May, growth wise, during the last 2 weeks of the month we had some much needed rain and warm night time temperatures.

We only had 14mm of rain during April and 45mm in May, add to that cold nights and it’s no wonder we had very little growth for those periods.

So we are off and running properly and the courses are looking very well and filling in nicely. Thank you for all the nice comments myself and my team have received over the last month or so with regards to the condition and presentation of the golf courses. This is what we strive for at all times and although it is difficult to achieve all of the time, it’s nice to have good comments from yourselves when we have periods like this.

We have had delivery of a new machine which will help us improve presentation but more crucially save a massive amount of time on certain areas of the course which will free up more labour to focus on other jobs that need doing.

One thing I would like to add without sounding to negative is that I have noticed quite a number of unrepaired pitch marks on both sets of greens. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to repair these. We put a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into preparing the greens to the highest possible standard and to see them covered in pitch marks sometimes, is a bit dis-heartening for us. It also makes putting on them difficult and we then have to do more work to keep them up to standard.

Please repair your own pitch mark and any others you may see and help us to keep the greens as good as possible for your benefit.

Well happy golfing and let’s hope that the weather stays nice for a very busy few weeks for us all.

Jonathan Evans - Course Manager

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