Course Report September 2017

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Dear Members & Guests,

Reading through last month’s course report I mentioned that we were continuing through a dry spell and the irrigation system was in full use. I think I’ll keep my mouth shut next time as the first 2 weeks of August brought us 54mm & 49mm respectively. With a monthly total of 130mm I think we can all agree that August was a bit of a wash out in golfing terms. Although, the courses have greened up now and we are back to normal growing conditions, it is the heavy dews and rain that make it difficult to get a good dry cut on the surfaces.

The Seely greens have been cored, scarified and sanded and are settling down nicely, the Lee greens are getting done as I write this report, so with decent temperatures over the next couple of weeks they should be in good shape heading into Autumn.

Over the next few weeks we will be cutting and collecting some of the deep rough on both courses to allow us to spray it with an herbicide that kills coarse grasses like rye and Yorkshire fog leaving the finer species like bents and fescues to thrive. This will allow the deep rough to be thin enabling balls to not only be found but hopefully playable as well and also look aesthetically pleasing. As I have said before this is not an quick fix will take a few years of repeated operations to get the standards  I’m looking for, but we need to start somewhere and although we have been doing some areas for a few years it takes a continued effort every year to achieve our goal.

Autumn, like Spring, is often our busiest time of the year as not only do we have to keep the courses well presented and maintained through regular cutting but we also have to keep one eye on renovations, aeration, organic matter removal and top dressing the main surfaces as well as planning for upcoming winter projects and work.

Some of the aeration and thatch removal work we do now dictates how the surface performs next season, so it’s vital, not only to time the operation correctly but to do it correctly and get the full benefit of what you are doing.

Let’s hope we get some drier conditions this autumn as it’s usually the weather that dictates what we do.


Jonathan Evans - Course Manager

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