A message from our course manager

A Message From Our Course Manager

As with September, October has been a relatively dry month with only 26mm of rain.

The leaves are starting to fall with a bit more regularity now which gives us another job to do as we try to keep the surfaces as clean as possible.

We completed the hollow coring without any major issues and they are now recovering steadily.

The only problem with doing this type of work quite late, is that the recovery time increases because of the cooler temperatures. We are now averaging around 3-4 degrees at night time, the ground temperature then drops and that’s why they are taking longer to recover.

Ideally the first week of September is the best time as we generally still have good ground temperatures and they will have recovered in about 10 – 14 days. When the ground temperature drops it can double the recovery time.

Our attention now turns to verti-draining and this will be ongoing for quite a few weeks as we need to do all tees, aprons, green surrounds and if possible fairways as well, on both courses. Verti-draining is necessary to alleviate compaction that has built up during the season on these areas, to introduce some air and also help with drainage qualities. Again, this operation is vital to the health of the grass and the courses, so it is absolutely necessary to ensure these areas perform well next season.

We will also be re-instating some pathway areas which have become quite worn over the last 12 months, this will be a combination of adding some fresh stone, re-turfing certain places and also the use of plastic matting for the worst areas.

If possible we will also begin to renovate some bunkers and tees, however, I will explain more on this in next month’s report.

Well, busy as usual, let’s hope the weather helps us out!