Course Managers Report - February 2014

As you will probably know the met office are saying this has been the wettest January since records began in 1910 and although we have only had 140mm it looks like we’ve had a lot more than that. The problem we are having is that all the rain we have had in January is falling on already saturated ground and the water has nowhere to go except sit on the surface. Obviously several parts of the back 9 are extremely wet and we are struggling to even get our machines up there let alone do any cutting, however the greens seem to be holding a lot of water at the moment with the 5th & 6th being our worst ones at present. We did plan to verti-drain them last month but it was just to wet to move around and get on them with a 2 tonne tractor and attachment but we are at the point now where they must be done otherwise they will be unplayable before long. With that in mind we will start the verti-draining w/c 3rd Feb and continue on both courses until they are finished. As stated in last months report this will introduce some air into the soil and help the water move through the profile and help dry the greens out.

We did plan to start work on some of the paths, however I have decided to delay this again until early March when hopefully we will have some drier weather and any work we do won’t get washed away. Instead we are planning to do some drainage work on some areas of the courses that have been highlighted during this wet spell. We will be putting a drain in on the 15th apron of the Seely to remove the water that gathers on the front of the green and apron, the 1st & 9th greens of the Lee course also need some drainage as water always settles on those greens and if possible we will look at putting something around the green on 6 Seely and in front of the 12th tee depending on time and money available.

As you will have seen we have been cutting back some of the trees and hedges on the 9th. This is long overdue as the hedges have been looking very untidy as they have not been pruned before and this work will encourage them to regenerate and thicken out instead of growing upwards. They will look a bit bare for the time being but once growth starts properly they will fill in nicely.

The irrigation work is due to start soon and the consultant has been in and marked out areas ready for the contractors as soon as the H&S paperwork is complete. I will keep the pro shop informed of any hole closures etc as and when needed so please check in with them before teeing off so you are aware of where the work will be taking place.

Let’s just hope for some drier weather over the next month to allow us to crack on with some important work.

John Evans……Course Manager.