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Breathing a sigh of relief as the sun is finally making an appearance! The course is in great shape and renewals are looking very strong. Our waiting list is now at 32 – all have been told the doors will open on 27th May for new joiners.

Marshalling – You will be delighted to know that the summer hours have kicked in for marshals on the courses. We have started late afternoon checks and drive rounds. Please makes sure you check in at the shop. Scorecards are now being stamped and checked – so please go and collect one when you arrive. If you are on the course and do not have a card – please do not get upset at the marshals. They are simply doing their job and making sure people are not playing YOUR course for free. An email reservation will not be enough. Get a card from the shop please.

As always – let me know if you need anything


You are invited to our FREE Members Range Event -

Tuesday 6th June 2023

FREE MEMBERS RANGE EVENT – Range will be closed to the general public

email [email protected] to book on

6pm – 8pm Members (and guests of members)

FREE range balls

FREE hot meal

£5 competition entry  – all money paid out in prizes

Competitions will be – beat the pro chipping, nearest the pin, capture the flag

This is an opportunity to get involved and allows me to give something back to the members. Come along – its just for fun!


Please email [email protected] to book your place – you can book singularly as we will match you up!


Email Theresa

Membership Deadline...

I wanted to just clear something up in regards to member photos. Some people have come up with some crazy theories as to why I need them. I can confirm that the tin foil hats can be packed away – its simply so the shop guys can check your membership when you check in. It really is that simple. We need to check that it is actually you using your membership.

Renewals – as I said before – renewals are going well so far with over 53% already sorted. Please make sure you renew by 25th May so we know who is staying and I know how many to let in on 27th May.

Direct Debits – You will automatically be renewed – you don’t have to do anything.  June will have your union fee taken – then dropped back down for July.

Flexi – Your renewal is due 1 year after you joined – so if you joined May/June – you will need to renew by paying your subs. No price increase but points matrix has changed for summer

Scheme Members – its £200 and £300 respectively for 5 day and 7 day

Lump Sum Members (if you pay all in one go):-

7 Day Lump Sum – Its £1045

5 Day Lump sum – its £780

26-29 Year old – £695

22-25 year olds its £575

18-21 year olds its £425